Miami Valley Lighting helps Dave Dennis update lighting and save energy costs

Solution Commercial
Industry Automotive Dealership
Project Scope Outdoor Removed 127 fixtures: 88 – 1,000 watt, 18 – 250 watt and 21-400 watt metal halide fixtures. Installed 59 fixtures: 11 – 157 watt, 27 – 315 watt and 21 – 84 watt LED fixtures. Indoor Removed 92 – 400 watt metal halide fixtures. Installed 92 – 201 watt LED fixtures.
Benefits/Savings  Outdoor: 80% reduction in energy usage. Indoor: 50% reduction in energy usage.
Rebate to Customer $32,971 total
As one of the highest volume dealerships in the Midwest, Dave Dennis Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, RAM auto dealership needs to have parking lot lighting that shows off rows and rows of new and used cars, trucks, SUVs and vans in the best possible way to interest car buyers. Like most businesses, Dave Dennis needed to watch the bottom line when it came to costs – so the Dayton auto dealership turned to Miami Valley Lighting to update its existing fixtures to cut energy costs. “Our lights are running all the time,” said Jason Dennis, President of Dave Dennis Auto Group. “It made a lot of sense to be able to do it.” In June 2014, Dave Dennis asked about switching to LED lighting to replace the old and dated metal halide fixtures that were illuminating its outdoor sales lot at 4232 Colonel Glenn Highway.

Driving Energy Savings

Miami Valley Lighting responded by redesigning the lot, which resulted in a dramatic reduction in the number of fixtures – from 127 to 59. The change helped Dave Dennis garner more than 80% in energy savings. Dave Dennis also collected $19,861 in DP&L rebates for replacing the outdoor fixtures with higher energy efficient models. Since the installation, Dave Dennis officials noted the new outdoor fixtures are lighter weight, which is expected to extend the life of the poles. The fixtures no longer sway in the wind.

“Cool” Indoor Shop Lighting

In addition to the revamped outdoor lighting, Dave Dennis asked Miami Valley Lighting to upgrade the indoor lighting in the service area and in the detailing shop. Inside, the metal halide fixtures were replaced with higher efficiency LED lighting that used less energy – resulting in energy savings of more than 50%. Dave Dennis also received $13,110 in DP&L rebates for replacing its indoor lighting with higher efficiency lighting. The inside lighting changes had another benefit – reducing the temperature for employees. Dennis said the old fixtures added to the heat in the shop, which cannot be air-conditioned and does not have great air flow, especially during the hot summer months.
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