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Every organization, community and neighborhood has its own special character. Though safety and security are the primary objectives of any street lighting design, many customers want to provide more decorative street lighting to enhance or complement the charm of the community. We offer a wide array of decorative lighting products. Let us work with you to create a decorative lighting option that complements the aesthetics of your area.

  • custom decorative street lights in Pitsburg Ohio
    Miami Valley Lighting installed custom decorative street lights on utility poles in the Village of Pitsburg, Ohio. Learn more >>

You Have Choices with Us

We provide a wide range of decorative fixtures and poles that can add unique character to any organization or community. Our lighting and design team can present options based upon your lighting needs.

Decorative Lighting Simplified

We work with our customers to develop a project budget that meets their needs. Choose our Full Service Product and we’ll take care of the rest – you’ll receive a single bill each month which includes costs for repair, maintenance and energy fees.

We also offer payment options to customers who want to own their complete lighting system but would prefer that we design and install it. We will work with you to meet the needs of your organization.

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